2017-11-24 15:05:00

Zimbabwe Nuncio: 'Historic moment for change, rebirth' as president sworn in

(Vatican Radio) The people of Zimbabwe appear united in celebrating what they see as an opportunity for rebirth after decades of political repression, social injustice, lack of human rights, and a spiraling economic downfall.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the country’s new president on Friday, laying out a grand vision to revitalize Zimbabwe’s economy. He was sworn in just days after Robert Mugabe resigned as president after a military takeover and 37 years in power.

Speaking to tens of thousands of supporters in Harare’s stadium, President Mnangagwa vowed to rule on behalf of all the country’s citizens and to build a bridge over the country’s ethnic and political divides.

Archbishop Marek Zalewski, Apostolic Nuncio to Zimbabwe, told Linda Bordoni this is an historic moment.

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"This is an historic moment for the people here, for the Church and for the whole country," Archbishop Zalewski said.

He said the Zimbabwean people are living a time of "great enthusiasm and hope for a better future".

When asked for a reason for hope, Archbishop Zalewski said it is "because the people's enthusiasm [puts] some pressure on the government."

"What I see now is a little different way of thinking. Putting them all together as a people and as a nation, I think they have very great potential and they could exercise it, if they are well organized."

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