2017-11-06 13:55:00

COP 23 Climate Conference gets underway in Bonn

(Vatican Radio) The UN Climate Change Conference (COP 23) got underway in Bonn, Germany Monday with governments getting  to work on a detailed "rule book" to help guide the 2015 Paris climate accord.

The agreement set a goal of ending the fossil fuel era this century by shifting to renewable energies such as wind and solar power.

Fiji's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, who is presiding at the Nov. 6-17 talks of almost 200 nations, says he wants more urgent action to cut greenhouse gases as part of the 195-nation Paris Agreement.

One of the organisation’s that will be attending the conference is the UK based Catholic relief agency CAFOD.  

Speaking to Lydia O’Kane about their hopes for the conference, Climate analyst with CAFOD, Sally Tyldesley said they would like to see real progress on that “rule book” to help guide the 2015 Paris climate accord which would demonstrate that countries are really acting on what they signed up to do.

Listen to the interview:

Asked about why CAFOD is attending the climate conference in Bonn, Ms Tyldesley commented, “we work we partners around the world who work with communities that are really badly affected by climate change. The people that we work we are some of the most vulnerable to climate change and we know that tackling it is going to be really important for making sure that they develop and prosper in the future.”

She also stresses that the communities that CAFOD works with are definitely seeing changes in climate now and “we’re already seeing a big impact from extreme weather events.”

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