2017-11-03 16:08:00

Pope at Mass: 'our faith makes us men and women of hope'

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Friday celebrated Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica for all those Cardinals and Bishops who have died over the past year.

During his homily the Pope reflected on the reality of death, but he also reminded us of the promise of eternal life which is grounded in our union with the risen Christ.

Listen to the report by Linda Bordoni:

“Today’s celebration, Pope Francis said, once more sets before us the reality of death.  It renews our sorrow for the loss of those who were dear and good to us.”

But more importantly, reflecting on the liturgical reading of the day, he said it increases our hope for them and for ourselves, as it expresses speaks of the  resurrection of the just.

The resurrection of the just

“They are the multitude – he continued - that, thanks to the goodness and mercy of God, can experience the life that does not pass away, the complete victory over death brought by the resurrection”.

And recalling Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross the Pope said that “by His love, He shattered the yoke of death and opened to us the doors of life”.

Our faith in the resurrection opens the doors to eternal life

The faith we profess in the resurrection, Pope Francis explained, makes us men and woman of hope, not despair, men and women of life, not death, for we are comforted by the promise of eternal life, grounded in our union with the risen Christ.

He urged the faithful to be trusting in the face of death as Jesus has shown us that death is not the last word. Our souls, he said, thirst for the living God whose beauty, happiness, and wisdom has been impressed on the souls of our brother cardinals and bishops whom we remember today.  

Hope does not disappoint

Pope Francis concluded giving thanks for their generous service to the gospel and the Church and reminding those present that Hope never disappoints.  


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