2017-04-28 11:56:00

Pope Francis: Telegrams to leaders of Italy and Greece

(Vatican Radio) As is customary, Pope Francis has sent telegrams to the leaders of the countries whose airspace he will be passing through in his travels.

The Pope will be passing over just two countries – Italy and Greece – as he makes his way to Egypt for his 18th Apostolic Voyage outside of Italy.

Below, please find the text of the telegrams sent by Pope Francis:

To Sergio Mattarella,
President of Italy,

[English translation] As I leave Rome to go to Egypt as a pilgrim of peace, to meet the Catholic community and believers of different faiths, it is important to me to address to you, Mr President, my respectful greetings, which I accompany with fervent wishes for the spiritual, civil, and social well-being of the Italian people, to whom I gladly send my blessing.


To Prokopis Pavlopoulos 
President of Greece

[English original] As I fly over Greece on my way to Egypt for a pastoral visit, I send cordial greetings to your excellency and your fellow citizens. I pray that the Almighty may bless you all with peace and strength, as I invoke divine blessings upon the nation.

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