2017-04-27 12:13:00

Pope Francis to bring message of peace and respect to Egypt

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis travels to Cairo on Friday for his 18th visit abroad. The two-day journey to Egypt will include a meeting with the Coptic Orthodox leader, Pope Tawadros II, and will show solidarity with the Christian minority just weeks after the Palm Sunday Coptic church attacks.

Vatican Radio’s Stefano Leszcynski spoke with Missionary Comboni Sister Samiha about the predicted reaction of the Pope’s presence in Egypt.

Sister Samiha, the principal at St. Joseph’s Catholic school in Cairo, hopes the Pope’s visit will foster tolerance and act as an example of acceptance and love despite religious differences in the nation.

Listen to the report by Colleen Knudsen:

“Egypt is the land of peace and Egypt is considered the holy land because the holy family take place in Egypt. Also, this visit of Pope Francis to Egypt, I think, to increase the respect between all people in different religions, and to increase also tolerance and to be merciful to one another, the values of love and peace, and the culture of peace. And I think a visit would stimulate how to live together in peace with much respect and acceptance.”

The Pope is going to be meeting a group of students at the nunciature on Friday evening, and amongst those with be students from Sister Samiha’s school, whom she says are clearly excited to meet Pope Francis and looking forward to his message.

“We have many Muslims, so Muslims and Christians live together easily, and they accept each other.”

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