2017-04-19 13:55:00

Govt plan for Filipino migrants wins bishop's support

Filipino Bishop Ruperto Santos backs Govt plan of last week to create a department for migrant workers. 

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga,  head of the Episcopal Commission on the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, said the creation of a department for migrant workers is necessary to address their needs.  It is high time to give more importance and protection to our overseas Filipino workers he said. The prelate said the creation of the department would address the basic interests of overseas workers and safeguard their rights and privileges.

Bishop Santos said the existing offices for overseas employment and migrant workers' welfare can be placed under the department. "Common and united efforts for the welfare and well-being of our overseas workers should be rightly and justly addressed," said the prelate.

Limited employment opportunities in the Philippines encourage Filipinos to pursue a brighter future abroad. Apart from the financial incentives, Filipinos migrate for their desire to live abroad, personal development and many other reasons.

The majority of the Filipino migrants are deployed to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Despite the government’s effort to protect their OFWs and seafarers, many Filipino migrants find themselves in a vulnerable position. The implementation of the laws and policies have proved to be problematic, ineffective and reactive. Human and material resources designated for OFWs are insufficient to ensure their safety and welfare.

Duterte announced last week his plan to establish a department that will address the needs of overseas Filipino workers. (UCAN)

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