2017-04-07 11:32:00

"War crimes are going on in Syria" UN chief warns

The UN Secretary-General on Wednesday  warned at the Brussels Conference on support to Syrians and the region that the war crimes are going on and international humanitarian law continues to be violated frequently. 

António Guterres said, as conflict lines shift,  there may be a perception that the situation has eased, which is completely false. The Secretary-General said that the Brussels Conference must represent a moment of truth, when the international community takes decisive steps to increase its support for the victims of the Syria conflict, and for the neighbouring countries that are providing a safe haven for millions of refugees.

Also speaking in Brussels, the Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, noted the pattern that every time there is a conference or meeting that can give some perception of hope about the future of Syria, there is a temptation by some, through horrific acts, to "kidnap" the event with a fresh outrage.

Briefing the Security Council on the same day,  on alleged chemical weapons attack in Idlib,  Kim Won-soo, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs said if confirmed, it would be the largest single chemical weapons attack in Syria since 2013. 

In his briefing, Mr. Kim informed the 15-member Council of reports indicating presentation of symptoms after the attack, including respiratory problems, vomiting, fainting and foaming at the mouth, and miosis (pupillary constriction).

According to the UN World Health Organization (WHO) at least 70 people have died and hundreds more have been affected in Idlib.

The UN Secretary-General as well as officials from the OPCW and the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria expressed grave concern over the reports and reiterated their condemnation of any chemical weapons use.(UN)



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