2016-12-28 18:38:00

Cuba law bans naming of streets and stadiums after Fidel

(Vatican Radio) Only time will tell, if a law passed by Cuba`s National Assembly, banning the naming of streets, stadiums and statues after Fidel Castro, will stick.

James Blears reports that in his lifetime, Fidel was adamant - but legacies can sometimes take on a life of their own...


Perhaps mindful of the proliferation of a similar cult to that of Che Guevarra and his iconic image by pop art, Fidel Castro always  said a firm no to any memorial, name game or idolatry.  

Cuba`s National Assembly has just solidified, his wishes, with prohibiting legislation. 85 year old President Raul Castro, who's the last of the trio of Castro brothers says: "the best way to remember 'el Comandante' is to adhere to his concept of the Revolution."

Rhe real test of the overall Castro legacy is if it`ll survive the passing of the third brother.  

If it does, then a law might one day  be amended. if it doesn't, then  hostile successors could tear down statues an erase street names in a jiffy.

Fidelìs nine-day funeral procession, culminating in his ashes being placed beside 19th century revolutionary José Marti, in Santiago cemetary is what he wanted... and it's what he got.


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