2016-12-27 18:35:00

Venezuela looks ahead to a bleak 2017

(Vatican Radio) A bleak 2017 is staring Venezuela in the face, with hyper inflation, food queues and a long winter of discontent. 

In his "Urbi et Orbi" message on Christmas Day, Pope Francis wished peace upon our broken world and highlighted the situation in Venezuela saying:  “May courage motivate the beloved country of Venezuela to undertake the necessary steps to put an end to current tensions, and build together a future of hope for the whole population”.

James blears reports on the economic and social difficulties faced by the population and on a political impasse which does not bode well for the future.


THE 100 bolivar banknote will soon be replaced by a five hundred. but this cant keep pace with rampant inflation, which is more than 200 percent, and could treble in this coming year.  

Long food queues, acute shortages of basic commodities, even toilet paper, a currency which is reminiscent of the wheel barrows of banknotes, in the long ago era of the Weimar republic in a desperate post world one Germany.

It's all unravelled since the death of hugo Chavez on October 13th 2013.  oil prices which made vezezuela rich have plummented and hard times are gripping it.

The national electoral council refused a recall referendum on president Nicolas maduro before January, so he or his vice president will complete the presidential term. the outlook politically, economically and socially appears bleak for Venezuela.

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