2016-12-26 16:26:00

South Asian leaders' Christmas greetings

India’s national leaders have wished their countrymen on the occasion of Christmas evoking the spirit of love, compassion, service and sacrifice that Christ inspired.  “May the spirit of Christmas fill our hearts with love and compassion. May the divine teachings of Lord Jesus Christ inspire us to contribute our very best for the welfare of humanity,” wrote President Pranab Mukherjee in a message on the eve of Christmas. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wished the nation for the occasion calling on all to stress the importance of “service, sacrifice and compassion.”  Speaking in Hindi in his monthly radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat”, Dec. 25, he said “Jesus not only served the poor but also praised the service done by the poor.”  Recalling the Gospel episode of the Widow’s Mite, he said “Jesus declared that the widow was the greatest of those donors because while the others had donated substantially, that widow had given away all she possessed.”   On the social networking medium Twitter he wrote: “Merry Christmas! We remember & celebrate the life & teachings of Jesus Christ. His message of peace, unity & compassion inspires us all.”

Pakistani Prime Nawaz Sharif has also wished Christians in Pakistan on the occasion of Christmas and expressed appreciatin for the patriotism and dedicated role of minorities communities ‎for peace, development and prosperity of the country.‎  ‎"I am immensely happy to note that minorities in Pakistan are actively contributing to the development ‎and prosperity of the country without any hindrance, including serving in the armed forces of Pakistan", ‎the prime minister said in his message. ‎  He said millions of Christians all around the world and in Pakistan celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ ‎who was sent to this world as a symbol of peace, brotherhood and respect for the entire humanity.‎  He said that Christmas reminds us of the values that Jesus Christ lived in his own life. "He not only ‎healed the ailing humanity but preached the divine values of tolerance love and compassion," said the ‎prime minister.‎  ‎"It is also a time to reflect on the message of Jesus Christ, the eternal massage of love, peace, tolerance ‎and compassion for humanity" he added.‎

Noting that the Constitution of Pakistan ‎safeguarded the legitimate interests of minorities  Sharif reiterated his government's resolve to preserve the sanctity of existence and equality ‎of opportunities enjoyed by all Pakistanis including the minorities.‎

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