2016-12-19 15:51:00

Pope welcomes South Korea's new ambassador to Holy See

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis on Monday welcomed to the Vatican South Korea’s new ambassador to the Holy See, ‎Jonghyu Jeong.  At a formal ceremony in the Vatican, Jeong presened his credentials to Pope Francis at ‎the start of his diplomatic mission with the Holy See.    The 66-year old father of 3 children is a law ‎graduate and holds a doctorate in law from Kyoto University, Japan.   An academic linked with several ‎universities in Korea, Japan, Germany and the US, Jeong has served in the Korean Catholic Bishops ‎Conference’s bioethics committee,  has been president of the Korean Association for Legal History, and ‎the Korean Civil Law Association and special envoy of the Korean president to the Holy See.  Besides ‎his native Korean, he speaks Esperanto, Japanese, English and German.   ‎

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