2016-12-17 11:59:00

Pope to Nomadelfia: promote dialogue between generations

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday met with the Nomadelfia community here at the Vatican.

Nomadelfia is a group of Catholic volunteers seeking to build a new civilization according to the Gospel, living in a way that is based the early Christian communities.

Listen to Ann Schneible’s report:

Reflecting on the mystery of the Son of God becoming Man, the Pope said, Advent is an opportunity to reflect on how we should not “place ourselves above others, but we are called to lower ourselves, to serve out of love for the weakest, to make ourselves little with the little ones.”

The Holy Father turned his reflection to the founder of the Nomadelfia community, Fr Zeno Saltini.

Fr Saltini, he said, remains “present to us today as an example of a faithful disciple of Christ who, in imitation of the Divine teacher, bends to the suffering of the weakest and poorest, becoming a witness of inexhaustible charity.”

Pope Francis spoke to the community members about their “spiritual heritage” which is tied in a special way to the “welcoming of children” and caring for the elderly.

“Children and elderly build the future of peoples: children, because they are able to advance history; the elderly because they transmit the experience and wisdom of their lives.”

The Pope urged them to not tire of cultivating “this dialogue between the generations.”

Pope Francis concluded by wishing everyone a happy journey towards Christmas, and gave them his blessing.

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