2016-12-06 15:06:00

Bishop tells Filipinos to spend time with the family this Christmas

Bishop Ruperto Santos has called on migrant workers coming home to Philippines for Christmas, to take their families to church, not only to shopping malls. 

“Bring families to the Church, not mostly at the mall,” said Bishop Ruperto Santos, chairman of the bishops’ Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People.

He said the Christmas season is an opportunity for OFWs to spend quality time with their families instead of just shopping.

“As you are here, be always available to your children, speak to them, and share meals and stories. Make it quality time with your family,” said the prelate.

Bishop Santos summed up his suggestions as the 3 “S’s”

Spend more time together;
share stories;
and save money

And although the dollar to peso is higher nowadays, the bishop also reminded OFWs and their families to spend wisely.

“Remember always exchange is fluid, not lasting so be thrifty and frugal, not showy,” he said.

The head of the Balanga diocese also reminded OFWs that apart  from being with their loved ones, prayer is also an important aspect of Christmas. 

Filipino workers abroad usually go home during the Christmas season to be with their families.

There are approximately 10 million overseas Filipino workers around the world in 170 countries. (CBCPNews) 



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