2016-10-31 15:09:00

'Together in Hope: Rose's story'

(Vatican Radio) “From Conflict to Communion – Together in Hope” is the title of the event in the Malmö Arena that sees the participation of Pope Francis, leaders from Church of Sweden and the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, and leaders of the World Lutheran Federation.

The celebratory event also features testimonies and performances by a number of artists, choirs and guests.

Organizers of the event have pointed out that all ecumenical events taking place in Sweden on Monday highlight topics that still require further theological discussion and agreement to be able to achieve full Christian unity.

One of these is the commitment to common witness and service which will be particularly emphasized at the Arena in Malmö. 

During this public event an agreement of cooperation will be signed between the WLF World Service, which currently serves more than 6 2.3 million refugees globally, and Caritas Internationalis, which is present in 164 countries around the world and has an impressive record of diaconal service to people in need. 

Those present will underline that their pledge to leave conflict behind will not only remain among these two communions, but bear fruit in compassionate and loving service to the neighbor in a world wounded and fragmented by conflict, violence and ecological destruction. 

One person who will be giving testimony of her own experience and commitment in today’s broken world is Rose Lokonyen, a South Sudanese refugee-cum-athlete who was chosen to be the flag-bearer of the first ever refugee team to take part in the Olympic Games last summer.

Philippa Hitchen asked Rose to talk about her personal experience as a refugee and about the significance of being able to represent refugees across the world in public occasions.


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