2016-10-31 15:46:00

'Together in Hope': Msg Henao paving the way for peace in Colombia

(Vatican Radio) Participating in the “From Conflict to Communion – Together in Hope” event in the Malmö Arena is Monsignor Hector Fabio Henao, director of Caritas Colombia and a member of the Caritas Internationalis’ Colombia Working Group which is committed to ensuring the Colombian peace process stays on track. 

During the ecumenical event those present will pledge to leave conflict behind and to work to put n compassionate and loving service in action.

Monsignor Henao told Philippa Hitchen how Catholics and Lutherans have been working together to bring peace to Colombia.


Msg Henao explains that Caritas and the WLF have been working together for many years supporting victims and setting out a common strategy.

He also speaks of the current status of the negotiations between the government and some of the rebels.

“There will soon be another agreement with FARC, it is building in a very fast way, but meanwhile it is important to have national consensus” he says. 

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