2016-10-29 09:02:00

Businesses hold nationwide strike in Venezuela

(Vatican Radio) A general strike called by the opposition coalition in Venezuela, has only been partially successful.

Listen to James Blears’ report:

The opposition demanded for a nationwide strike, but many of the poorer districts of Caracas,  and fanning out nationwide, could not afford the luxury of withdrawing their labor for a full day.  President Nicolas Maduro has urged many shops, schools banks and the petroleum industry, to simply ignored the strike.  He is threatening to seize striking businesses and jail yet more political opponents.  He is also warning  that if they demand a supposed political trail, which is not part of the Constitution, the State Prosecutor must apply legislation and jail anyone who violates the Constitution.

Officials have promised to increase the minimum wage by 40 percent, trying to hold back the disintegrating economic sluice gates, and with it a deluge.  But in reality it`s a saturated milksop, as inflation is running wild at more than a thousand percent.

The opposition is demanding a recall referendum on President Maduro`s fitness to rule.  He is stoutly resisting. 

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