2016-10-20 10:32:00

Scottish Bishop Keenan on the social media Jubilee

(Vatican Radio) Pilgrimages, being active on social media, sacrament of reconciliation initiatives and visits to the Holy Door. These are just some of the events the Diocese of Paisley in Scotland has been organizing during the Jubilee of Mercy. So what effect has the year had on the faithful there? Lydia O’Kane spoke to the Bishop of Paisley, John Keenan.


As this Extraordinary Year draws to a close, the Bishop observed that, “one of the things I’ve noticed about this Holy Year distinct from perhaps the other ones is that, whereas like the others it started with a bang, the Year of Mercy hasn’t really fizzled out, it seems to be that it has kept this steady pulse going right through the year”.

WYD in the Year of Mercy

One of the highlights of the Jubilee was the World Youth Day celebrations in Krakow, Poland which Bishop Keenan participated at. He says, that the focus on mercy at this event had an “astounding effect on the young people”, and describes how Scottish youth and their leaders were struck to the heart by the Pope’s words over the course of the pilgrimage, adding that many were moved to tears.

The “social media” Jubilee.

Asked about the effect social media has had on this Holy Year, Bishop Keenan said that this has been the “Holy Year of social media”, adding, “I think it’s the first Holy Year in the culture of social media and I think it has had, if anything has had one of the biggest effects.” He also said, that he thought it was important for the Church to invest on resources in social media.

The Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy ends on 20th November, the feast of Christ the King.

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