2016-10-10 16:12:00

Cardinal Tagle urges faithful to work for justice, poor

Cardinal Tagle called for ‘societal change that rejects violence’  during a thanksgiving Mass for the recent canonization of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta at the Manila Cathedral on Friday.

The Cardinal said peaceful efforts for the transformation of society must be made as essential demands of faith and the Gospel. “Let us show the so-called revolution of love… not the revolution through weapons and violence but a revolution for change caused by love,” said the prelate.

Doing acts of mercy, such as helping the poor or feeding the hungry, should not be treated as "extracurricular activities," said Cardinal Tagle.  But our faith life won't be complete if we don't work for the restoration of justice, if we don't love and show compassion to the poor  he added.

He said many people today are banking on the power of money, influence, and violence, forgetting “faith” as a source of social change. To live the faith, he said, people must perform works of mercy.

He emphasized that faith finds expression in concrete everyday actions meant to help others, especially the poor. “Let us not dismiss our faith. Let’s take Jesus and His love seriously,” said Cardinal Tagle.

“Love has the force for change. That’s what Jesus and the saints have been doing,” he added.

Tagle also called on the faithful to imitate Mother Teresa who made faith and works of mercy the guide of her life.

“Look at this power of faith,” he said. (CBCPNews)

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