2016-10-09 17:08:00

Cholera alert in Haiti after hurricane Matthew

(Vatican Radio) The destructive catastrophie which Hurricane Matthew has wrought has killed hundreds and the damage it`s left will take years to clear up.

Listen to James Blears report 

Haiti, so grievously levelled by a 2010 earthquake, has been worst affected by Hurricane Matthew, which engulfed its Southern coastline in a deadly bear hug, sweeping away flimsy, makeshift homes and indeed more sturdy housing.  The death toll estimate, so far is more than 900.  Cholera is feared, as sewer pipes have been fractured in many areas and floodwater and freshwater are mingling.  Previous outbreaks, prior to this disaster have killed more than 10,000 Haitiains.

Moving on and fanning out, Hurricane Matthew has buffeted and swiped Florida, the Carolinas and Georgia.  Torrential rain is causing severe flooding. North Carolina  is bracing itself for up to a meter of sustained rainfall.  Hurricane Matthew`s winds are decreasing,  it`s diminished from a category 4 to a category 1 hurricane.  But it`s caused death and widespread destruction in  Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas and now the United States.


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