2016-10-06 12:45:00

Nepalese Catholic awarded for early child development work

Agatha Thapa a Catholic woman has been recognized for decades of work promoting early child development in Nepal, at an event held in Kathmandu on Oct. 5.

Nepal's former prime minister Khadga Prasad Oli presented Agatha Thapa with the award at the Child Nepal event in the suburb of Chahabil.

The award honored Thapa's work performed through Seto Guras, an early child development center, which she founded in 1979. Thapa said it was her Catholic faith that guided her to help Nepal's children.

"My faith directed me to work for the children of lowest classes and poorest sections of Nepal's population," said Thapa at the event.

"Christ did all his good work and suffered via crucifixion, but I have just done small work and have been awarded, I am embarrassed in front of Him [Christ]," she said.

Thapa said that she believes that early childhood is the foundation of overall human development.

Among the 300 people that attended the event were local lawmakers, NGO representatives, and children representing various networks.

Agatha Thapa is a Nepali who taught primary and secondary grades in Lalitpur in the 1960s and early 1970s, and who has since founded two pre-primary schools and an organization that introduces, champions, and helps others take up pre-primary child care and educational reforms. Her focus is on poor mothers and their children. (UCAN)

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