2016-10-04 15:37:00

Ghana: Ahead of December general poll, youth urged to shun conflict

The Northern Development Forum (NDF), an advocacy group in Ghana, has called on the youth of the three Northern Regions of the country to ignore any person or group of people who attempt to use them to foster conflicts just to achieve their regional political ambitions.

Ghana is experiencing political campaigns ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 7 December 2016.

Dr Hakeem Wemah, Chairman of the NDF, appealed for dialogue with all political parties who were seeking the mandate of Ghanaians to govern the country.

“We would like to meet with the leadership of registered political parties for them to elaborate on the development programme that they intend to roll out for the three northern regions of Ghana,” he noted, expressing the hope to have an interaction with parties on 20 October.

Launching the Northern Ghana Development Status Report dubbed: “Sustaining the Northern Ghana Development Agenda in Ghana’s Public Domain,” in Accra on 29 September, Dr Wemah, noted that one of the major goals of NDF is unity and peace for efficient and effective development.

The launching, attended by members of the NDF, Development partners, diplomatic missions, political parties and religious bodies, was meant to draw attention to the general public through the publication of the Report, the status of the three Northern Regions.

“It is about providing opportunities for all; it is about upholding fundamental human rights nurtured by good governance; it is about addressing inequalities, sustainability, equilibrium, tranquillity and national cohesion.”

As one of the few African countries that have not experienced large-scale violence or civil war since independence, he said Ghana was generally considered a stable and peaceful country within the West African sub-region.

(Damian Avevor, the Catholic Standard, Ghana)

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