2016-10-03 12:20:00

US Elex: Abp Kurtz calls Catholics to faithful citizenship

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis, during the inflight press conference on his return from Azerbaijan, was asked how he would counsel the faithful in America and what wisdom would he have them keep in mind next month when the Presidential election there occurs?

Responding to the question, the Holy Father said that, “in electoral campaigns, I never say a word. The people are sovereign. I'll just say a word: Study the proposals well, pray and choose in conscience.”

The Pope’s answer mirrors that of Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky and President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’, who is in Rome this week.


Speaking to Lydia O’Kane, Archbishop Kurtz said, “…It’s important that our faithful, in fact all people of good will form their consciences well. The Church is not going to endorse this candidate or that candidate, never has and certainly will not now and into the future. But we will talk about those core values that deal with the common good, deal with the importance of human life and in those cases I think we ask people to form their consciences well.”

The Archbishop added that the Church talks about, “engagement in public life that when you do make you decision to vote, it should not be simply, “how am I going to benefit personally”, but rather how is this going to affect the common good.”

The US Presidential election takes place on November 8th 2016.  

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