2016-03-30 11:13:00

Mexico phasing out foreign investigators in teacher probe

(Vatican Radio) The Mexican Government is phasing out a group of investigators it chose to delve into the case of 43 student teachers who disappeared after they were abducted by municipal police and handed over to a drug gang.

James Blears reports:

The case of the missing 43 student-teachers, which occurred during a protest rally at the Southern Mexican City of Iguala in 2014, continues to cause international outrage. An official Mexican government probe concluded that a minority of corrupt municipal police arrested and handed over the 43 student teachers to gangsters, who murdered them and incinerated their bodies at a rubbish dump. Many of these facts were disputed and contradicted in a searing report by the Inter American Commission for Human Rights, which organized its own investigation. In response to this lambasting report, the Mexican government chose an independent panel of experts to start a third investigation. But now Roberto Campa, who's the Director of Human Rights at the Ministry of Interior, says the specialists will end their work by the end of next month, because Mexican institutions must conclude the investigation. Undaunted the panel of experts is pledging to publish its own independent report. 

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