2016-03-26 14:54:00

Archbishop Kivuva: Be agents of peace; agents of the resurrecton

Kenya’s Archbishop of Mombasa, Martin Kivuva Musonde has encouraged Kenyans to walk the path of integrity.  In his Easter message to Kenyans, the Archbishop said Kenyans needed to cultivate integrity in their lives.

“Kenya is currently battling with all these issues of corruption, the stealing of public funds and so on … let us walk the path of integrity,” the Mombasa prelate said.

Making reference to the 22 March Brussels Airport terrorist attack, in which 31 persons died, and 330 people were injured, Archbishop Kivuva said death can never have the last word in the life of a Christian.

“Easter this year comes with the backdrop of the Brussels attack in Belgium. Many people died, and hundreds were injured. These events obviously dishearten us but death can never erode our hope,” Archbishop Kivuva said. He added, “At Easter Christ who died is once again alive. When we encounter tough moments in our lives, we also know that our hope in Christ is alive. This faith gives us the assurance that one day, things will be better in our lives,” the Archbishop of Mombasa emphasised.

Archbishop Kivuva has further urged Kenyans never to take peace for granted.

“Kenyans, let us thank God for the peace we still enjoy in many parts of this country. Let us not take this peace for granted. Let us all become agents of peace; of joy and of the resurrection,” Archbishop Kivuva said.

(Fr. Paul Samasumo, Vatican Radio/Reporting, Bertina Kanaka, Charles Lwanga Communications in Mombasa)

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