2016-03-25 13:52:00

Card Tagle celebrates Jubilee of Mercy for prisoners in Holy Week

Filipino Cardinal Luis Tagle, Archbishop of Manila on Wednesday met a group of prisoners at the city jail to celebrate the Holy Week and the Jubilee of Mercy.  “Let’s not lose hope. All of us, including me, commit mistakes. We are all capable of betrayal but let’s not forget that we’re also capable of loving,” the prelate told the prisoners in his homily at Mass. “We sinned like Judas and Peter,” he added, “but let’s not forget that we can still be like Jesus, who, even if we’re not worthy, took care of us as his friends”.

Prior to the liturgical celebration, the cardinal, along with Papal Nuncio Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto, led the opening the “Holy Door” in the prison’s chapel.  “In entering the door of mercy, enter into the heart of Jesus and there you will experience how God loved us and offered His life. We still have hope," Card. Tagle said.

During the Mass, the cardinal asked the inmates to pray for their families and loved ones. To “all of you here,” he said, “open your hearts to other people. You are like one family here. Spread God’s love to each other” through service. After the Mass, the inmates sang the ‘Prayer to St Francis’, which brought tears to the cardinal’s eyes. (Source: AsiaNews)

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