2016-03-24 19:47:00

Missa in coena Domini: Pope calls for acts of fraternity

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday evening celebrated the Missa in coena Domini – the Mass of the Lord’s Supper – leading the Church of Rome into the great three-day liturgical action that culminates in the great Easter Vigil. The Holy Father celebrated the first liturgy of the Triduum at the C.A.R.A. Welcome and Hospitality Centre operated by the Auxilium cooperative.

Located a short distance outside the Rome city limits, in Castelnuovo di Porto, the Centre currently provides temporary lodging and services to 892 asylum seekers from 25 different countries.

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In his homily, Pope Francis renewed his condemnation of those who – like Judas Iscariot – sow  discord for gain and trade in arms, selling the tools of bloodshed for profit. “Each of us has a story, each of you has a story you carry with you. Many crosses, many sorrows: but also an open heart that wants brotherhood.

The Holy Father also spoke of the communicative power of concrete actions, saying that gestures of fraternity, concord and peace among people of different religion and cultural tradition who truly desire peace and resolve to live as brothers and sisters is a powerful witness to a world sorely in need of such signs. “Let each, in his religious language,” concluded Pope Francis, “pray the Lord that this brotherhood be contagious in the world, that there be no 30 pieces of silver to purchase a brother’s murder, that there be always brotherhood and goodness.”

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