2016-03-23 16:52:00

"Hail, O Cross, Our One Hope"

(Vatican Radio) Monsignor Philip Whitmore brings us a timely musical meditation focusing on the fourth sorrowful mystery of the rosary, "The Carrying of the Cross".

Listen to Monsignor Philip Whitmore in a programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick: 

"O Crux Ave, Spes Unica". Those words are taken from the ancient Good Friday hymn 'Vexilla Regis',the royal banners forward go. One setting of these words is by Anton Bruckner, the great Austrian symphonist and disciple of Wagner. In addition to his nine grandiose symponies, he also wrote quite a lot of church music. His firm faith shines through his deeply felt motets, which are written with a fascinating blend of traditional choral textures and Wagnerian harmonies. 

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