2016-03-22 09:55:00

Obama, Castro hold historic meeting in Havana

(Vatican Radio) US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro have met in the Cuban capital, Havana, welcoming the historic change in the relationship between their nations, at a press conference during Mr. Obama's visit to the island nation.

Each leader called on the other to make changes necessary to solidify the gains already made and to continue improving relations.

Castro spoke first at the press conference, saying improvements have been real and significant, though there is much left to do especially with regard to restoring normal trade relations.

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Obama in his turn explained that it is up to the US Congress to lift the trade embargo – something unlikely to happen before general elections in November.

Each president criticised his counterpart’s record on human rights, and both fielded questions from journalists covering the event. The US President and First Lady were later welcomed at a state dinner, along with some members of US Congress and senior White House staff.

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