2016-03-15 09:00:00

Migrants die crossing into Macedonia

(Vatican Radio) The continuing drama of the migrants crowded up against the Greek-Macedonian border took a dramatic new turn yesterday when three Afghans drowned trying to cross a raging mountain river.

John Carr reports from Athens.


The victims were among at least 2,000 migrants who acted on a sudden rumour that an unguarded spot at the border had been found.  Television images showed dramatic scenes of migrants, children and even old people in wheelchairs waist-deep in foaming rivers and trying to scale steep mountain paths in the driving rain.

Reports from Macedonia indicate that about 700 people made it over the border from Greece, only to be rounded up and sent back to the makeshift camp at Idomeni, where about 15,000 are still languishing, ankle-deep in mud.  According to Greek media reports, many are convinced that the Macedonian At the same time, eight migrants are reported missing in the Aegean Sea after strong north winds caused their boat to capsize.


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