2016-03-14 15:41:00

New Coalition of Scottish Pro-Life Groups Launched

(Vatican Radio) A new coalition of Scottish pro-life groups has formed as abortion laws are set to be devolved to the Scottish parliament.


The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) in Scotland is behind a new coalition of groups that will lead the campaign against new proposals to extend abortion time limits when the Westminster Parliament in London devolves powers to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

SPUC Scotland will soon launch a new initiative called ‘Don’t Stop a Beating Heart’, which will bring the country’s major pro-life groups together for the first time in what is being called a significant show in strength, with members including the Catholic Church, the Scottish Muslim Council, and the Free Church of Scotland.

Speaking to Vatican Radio, the campaign coordinator and chief executive of SPUC Scotland, Mr John Deighan, explained the name of the new initiative. He wants to remind people that a baby’s heart begins to beat eighteen days after conception, and notes that “everyone knows a beating heart means life.”

The new super group wants to wake society up to the realities that are the needless loss of life through abortion and the damage abortion does to women. The members of the coalition believe that human life is of immeasurable value and should be defended, and that abortion discriminates against people with disability.

Mr Deighan has called the current political climate an “historic and important time” for the pro-life movement. Commenting on the impending devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament, Mr Deighan noted that the rights of the unborn child are “facing new threats”. Even before the new Scotland Bill has had its third reading in the House of Lords in Westminster – the final reading before any amendments are considered and the Bill is put forward for Royal Assent – a number of pro-choice groups are already calling for more progressive extensions to what Mr Deighan calls the existing “excessively liberal law”. He explains that abortion could be legalized, in most cases, up until the time of birth. The current legislation means that abortion is illegal after twenty four weeks.

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