2016-03-11 09:30:00

Boys at Jesuit school in Zimbabwe make Lenten donations

About sixty Grade 4 boys of Hartmann House Preparatory School in Harare, Zimbabwe have visited and made generous donations of groceries to Makumbi Children’s Home at Makumbi Mission. The donations were made as part the school’s Lenten project.

According to the head of the boys’ delegation, Mrs Virginia Darrell, the gift of groceries to the home, housing about 80 orphaned and homeless children, came in the context of the school’s Lenten project of assisting the less privileged and training the boys to be men for others.

“We have adopted Makumbi project for our Lenten appeal and at Hartmann House we have a code of conduct where we train these boys to be men for others…” said Mrs Darrell.

Thanking the boys and the school for the donations, the children’s home Matron, Sr Diana, LBCL,  expressed her gratitude to  Hartmann’s for the thoughtfulness and continued support to the children at Makumbi.

Hartmann House is a Jesuit school serving the Catholic community of Zimbabwe. Traditionally, Catholics use the 40 days period of Lent for prayer, fasting, penance, almsgiving and works of charity.

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