2016-03-10 17:27:00

Pope Francis three years on: one Jesuit's perception

(Vatican Radio) How does one German Jesuit perceive the pontificate of Pope Francis three years on from his election to the See of Peter? That's what Veronica Scarisbrick attempts to find out in an interview with Father Bernd Hagenkord, head of the German programme of Vatican Radio. 

Listen to Father Bernd Hagenkord SJ, in an interview with Veronica Scarisbrick: 

In this interview Father Hagenkord outlines his take upon some of the Pope's first words upon his election on the13th of March 2013, namely when he said he had been chosen from 'the ends of the earth'. But also what Pope Francis brings with him to the papacy highlighting his effort to make the world a better place both at a personal and social level. In a special way Father Hagenkord sheds light on the importance the Pope gives to mercy. 


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