2016-03-10 12:15:00

Nuncio to Mexico praises Orizaba charitable initiative

(Vatican Radio) The Apostolic Nuncio to Mexico, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, presided over the blessing of the new “Lord of Mercy House of the Needy” – La casa del necessitado ‘El Senor del la Misericordia’ – in the Mexican diocese of Orizaba on Tuesday, March 8.

The new facility seeks to serve the most vulnerable, by providing emergency housing, meals and food assistance, as well as legal and psychological counseling. The House of the Needy will also include a dedicated family ministry, doctor's office, and crime victims’ outreach service.

The work to prepare the physical space that will house the new facility was paid for through donations made by parishioners in special collections made in parishes of the diocese throughout the course of an entire year..

In a press conference at the ceremony, The Apostolic Nuncio said the new facility is one of many initiatives of the Mexican Church for the upbuilding of society. “Pope Francis,” said Archbishop Pierre, “stressed [in recent remarks to the Bishops during his Apostolic visit] that there are many beautiful things in the country that serve to build, restore, help produce a better society,” and that there is much still to be done together with the government and civil society to complete the work of making Mexican society a true exemplar of solidarity.

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