2016-03-09 13:45:00

The Indian Bishops share their views in Workshops

The fourth day of the CBCI Plenary held on March 8, at St. John’s, was spent in workshops by the 180 Bishops, seriously deliberating on the challenges and the issues.

Bishops reaffirmed the appreciation of the fundamental values enshrined in the text of the Indian Constitution. In particular, they highlighted the right to profess, practice and propagate one’s faith and underlined the fundamental equality of all human beings, regardless of caste, gender, creed and status in life.

In keeping with the egalitarian spirit, and religious freedom embedded in the Constitution, they reiterated that their demand be heard, namely, that the Christian and Muslim Dalits be treated on par with the Hindu Dalits, granting them reservations and all other concessions available to the SC’s.

Taking into account certain developments and growing trends in the country which are not in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution, the Bishops stated that a more humane and fruitful mode of dealing with conflicts is not by force but by an open, free and trusting dialogue. The unity, development and future of India most certainly depends on peace and harmony among the people of diverse religions and cultures. (CBCI)

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