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Diocese of Mamfe visits Focolare movement in Rome

A delegation of 40 persons, led by the Bishop of Mamfe in Cameroon, Andrew Nkea Fuanya together with the Bishop Emeritus of the same diocese, Francis Teke Lysinge, Tuesday, visited the International Centre of the Focolare Movement in Rocca di Papa, Rome. President of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce and the general council of the movement were on standby to welcome the delegates. This is according to a statement made available to the Africa Service of Vatican Radio by the Focolare Movement.

The Diocese of Mamfe is undertaking the visit as a "pilgrimage," to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Chiara Lubich's first visit to the village of Fontem in Cameroon. The Cameroonian delegation also wanted to pray at the grave of Chiara Lubich. The delegation’s visit was a tangible expression of gratitude for the contribution of the Focolare Movement to Cameroon and Africa as a whole.

"Fifty years ago Chiara Lubich came to plant a seed in Fontem, a gift for all in Africa. Fifty years later Mamfe has come to plant a seed of gratitude," said Bishop Nkea in his address. "From this moment begins the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the presence of the spirit of the Focolare Movement in Fontem, a city on the mountain."  The Bishop Emeritus of Mamfe, Francis Teke Lysinge added that, "from the fruits we see the root."

Speaking shortly after, President of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce told the delegation that their presence at the International Centre had brought great joy to the movement and was indeed testimony of the spirit of unity and fraternity present in Africa.

Chiara Lubich, born on 22 January 1920 was an Italian Catholic founder of the Focolare Movement. She died on 14 March 2008.

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