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Congregations in Congo-DR celebrate feast of the Holy Family

Thirty female religious members of three different congregations under the example and protection of the Holy family of Nazareth met Sunday, 28 December in the school complex of the Holy family of Kinshasa - Righini for a day of prayer, sharing and entertainment.

The Sisters of the Holy family of Helmet; the Holy family of Bergamo and the Holy family of Bordeaux –all congregations founded in Belgium, Italy and France respectively, gather each year to celebrate together the feast of the Holy family.

After prayers, at midday, the various religious sisters, novices, postulants and some aspirants performed dances and sketches that represent the virtues of the Holy family of Nazareth. Some of these virtues include truth-telling, forgiveness and trust. These are virtues worth emulating not only by couples and lay families but also by communities of consecrated life. The messages of the day were also a plea to Jesus, Mary and Joseph to make a home among the religious sisters so that all would always find in their communities houses of peace, continual prayer, obedience and charity.

There were other similar celebrations in various parts of the country.

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