2014-12-27 13:10:00

Priest found murdered in Mexico

(Vatican Radio) The Catholic Church in Mexico has condemned the murder of a priest, who was abducted by organized crime, after he preached a sermon criticizing it. Father Gregorio Lopez Gorrostieto dedicated what was to be his final sermon last Sunday to the 43 missing student teachers, who were handed over to gangsters by Municipal Police, following a protest rally on September 16th in the Southern City of Iguala. Father Gregorio, who was from the City of Altamirano in the State of Guerrero, criticized organized crime.

Listen to the report by correspondent James Blears:

That evening witnesses saw him being forced into a truck by armed men. His body was found near that city. He'd been strangled and shot.

Father Gregorio is the third priest to be murdered in Guerrero this year. The remains of a Ugandian Priest were found in a mass grave last month.

The student teachers went missing on September 16th after being handed over to gangsters, following a protest rally in the City of Iguala. So far only one set of remains have been identified. The Mayor and scores of Municipal Police have been arrested. 

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