2014-12-27 19:31:00

North Korea berates US over release of a satyrical film

(Vatican Radio) A Hollywood comedy mocking North Korea is now playing in some theaters in the United States. 

North Korea today lashed out at the U.S. and blamed it for a loss of Internet access last week.

Listen to the report by Alastair Wanklyn

North Korean state media said President Obama is behind the release of movie The Interview, calling it "illegal" and him "reckless." 

It went on to attack him personally, likening the American leader to an animal.

The words were those of North Korea's National Defense Commission. It accused the United States of taking North Korea off the Internet last week. The U.S. earlier said it would respond to the hacking of Sony Pictures and the theft of that company's data.

Washington stopped short of saying what retaliation it might take, but North Korea said disturbing its Internet access is shameless, like "children playing tag." 

Meanwhile, the U.S., Japan and South Korea have reportedly agreed to share intelligence on North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. The agreement is set to be signed early next week. 

Analysts call this a breakthrough of sorts, given the current tense relations between Tokyo and Seoul.

And on Friday, the United States military said it had deployed a second missile-tracking radar system in Japan to monitor launches from North Korea.

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