2014-12-27 18:52:00

Gangsters intimidate priests in Mexico

(Vatican Radio) Gangsters in Southern Mexico are trying to silence Priests who speak out against them, or who refuse to comply with their demands. 

Listen to the report by James Blears
Last Sunday in his sermon, Father Gregorio Lopez Gorrostieta criticised the so called united warriors gang by name. He was referring to the abduction and massacre of 43 student teachers. That same night he was abducted by gunmen from a Seminary on the outskirts of the Southern City of Altamirano, and murdered.

Back in October the body of Ugandan Priest John Senyondo was found in a mass grave in the same state of Guerrero. He'd been abducted in April. Local people said he refused to baptise the daughter of a local gangster. 

In September, the body of Priest Asension Acuna Osorio was found floating in the Balsas River, also in Guerrero. 

Nine Priests have been murdered in Mexico during the last two years and two more remain missing...permanently. 

In a statement, The Mexican Bishops Conference says: "We demand authorities resolve these and so many other crimes that have caused pain to so many homes and insure that it's punished."

So far NONE of these crimes has been brought to a court of law!

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