2014-12-24 15:38:00

Government jobs reserved for minorities: still an illusion

Many state offices in Pakistan do not comply with the requirement to reserve a share of 5% of government jobs to religious minorities: is the complaint made by lawyer Mushtaq Gill, claiming of having directly dealt with cases of discrimination and non-observance of the measure, which was introduced in Pakistan.  Thanks to the work of the Catholic minister Shahbaz Bhatti, who was unfortunately killed in 2011.

"There are court cases against public offices", notes Gill to Fides, since "many departments continue to violate this provision". Gill launches an appeal to raise awareness on this issue, which further penalizes religious minorities. Many, Gill says, "are not employed just because of their Christian faith". Gill explains to Fides: "Religious minorities in Pakistan are deeply disappointed by the lack of implementation of the provision. The law is not respected and applied because of prejudice and religious discrimination".

Religious discrimination in Pakistan is a serious issue. Christians, Hindus and Ahmadi Muslims among many other religious groups in Pakistan are routinely discriminated. They are at time refused jobs, loans, housing and other similar things simply because of their choice of religious faith. Christian Churches and Ahmadi mosques and their worshippers are often attacked.   Since the 1970s the Christians have faced religious discrimination as Islamization became the official policy of the government. (Fides)

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