2014-12-24 16:13:00

Christmas Carol special: a musical meditation

(Vatican Radio) Monsignor Philip Whitmore presents a  Christmas carol special which takes us on a musical tour of Christmas past and present, from the fifteenth century through to the twentieth.

Many composers and artists throughout history,says Monsignor Philip Whitmore, have devoted some of their finest inspiration to giving praise and honour to the Virgin Mary.The Christmas story gives us the image of the Madonna and Child, captured so many times in the mystical icons of the East and the sumptuous mosaics and paintings of the Christian West. And contemplation of the Blessed Mother and Child is often expressed in music too.

A Christmas meditation which ends with Tavener's solemn affirmation of the central truth of the Incarnation. Christ is born. that is the Good News that we celebrate on this feast day. This is the reason for our joy.

A programme produced by Veronica Scarisbrick

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