2014-12-23 17:00:00

Khartoum to grant residence permits to South Sudanese refugees

The Government of Khartoum in Sudan has decided to grant residence permits to refugees who hold South Sudanese nationality. An agreement was signed between Sudan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and the  United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The residence permits will allow South Sudanese refugees free movement as well as the right to work in Sudan.

The signing of the agreement will be welcome by many because it means the regularisation of about half a million South Sudanese who live in Sudan. About 350 thousand South Sudanese opted to return to South Sudan after the South got its independence in July 2011.

The residence permits will given by the  Khartoum Government at no cost.

UN sources say that, within the last year alone, more than one hundred thousand people have crossed the border into Sudan fleeing armed conflict in the South.

Source: Misna

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