2014-12-21 18:57:00

Cuban President says he will not change political system

(Vatican Radio) After more than a half-century of hostility, this week the United States and Cuba promised to work toward the establishment of full diplomatic relations.

US President Barack Obama says that Pope Francis played an instrumental role in creating the conditions for the development.

Cuba's President Raul Castro is welcoming Obama's political initiative,  but is advising that it won't change the overall political system in Havana. 

Listen to the report by James Blears:  

Both sides have made genuine efforts to ease the strictures of the political straight jacket that previous harsh intrasegence has imposed. 

Although the US Embagro remains, travel restrictions and law about remittances sent home to Cuba, easing everday hardships, have been relaxed by Washington. 

While Raul Castro's Administration has....Little by Little introduced economic reforms which have partically melted a glacial stubborness concerning embracing fledgling business enterprise. 

President Barack Obama's wind of change speech came on Wednesday.  Without trying to remove the gusto from his sails, President Castro's reply carried cautious reciprocal responses, but also plainly underlined that the poltical system in Havana....remains, come what may. 

Both Presidents will have a chance to again shake hands and further improve relations when they meet at the Americas Summit in Panama, this coming April. 

On the US  side the Embargo stays. On the Cuban side communism is intact,  while the Castros are still there. 

It's the variations, interpretations and loopholes within these given facts of life which are the key to long term change. 

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