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Jesuits in Zimbabwe and Mozambique now form one Province

Jesuit Superior General, Fr Nicholas Adolf recently signed a decree that has united the Jesuit Province of Zimbabwe with the Region of Mozambique into a single unit thus forming the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province.

The coming together of the Jesuits in these two countries is with immediate effect. The people of Zimbabwe and Mozambique share close cultural and political ties.During the armed liberation wars for the independece of Mozambique and later during the RENAMO led civil war of the 1990s, many Mozambicans sought refuge in Zimbabwe.

Explaining details of the newly erected Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province, the Provincial, Fr Chiedza Chimhanda said, ”The decision was done in order for the Society of Jesus in ther region to offer a more universal and better apostolic service in Mozambique and Zimbabwe…There was much work in planning, praying and reflecting on the structures of the Society worldwide.” Said the Provincial.

Zimbabwe started-off as a Mission and became a Province in 1978. Mozambique has been a dependent region of Portugal. What this means in practical terms is that all Jesuits in Zimbabwe and Mozambique now fall under one administration.

The Jesuits in Mozambique work in 5 rural parishes, 3 urban parishes, in schools and at the Catholic University in country. 

Source: Jesuit Communications in Zimbabwe

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