2014-12-12 15:29:00

Multimedia website in line with Vatican Radio's 'evangelical mission'

(Vatican Radio) Live video streaming and commentary of papal events, podcasts, an entire section dedicated to Pope Francis, live tweets, and links to Vatican Radio’s multiple social media accounts: these are just some of the exciting features of Vatican Radio’s multimedia website.

“Vatican Radio continues to engage in the digital communications environment at the service of the Gospel and of the Church,” said Fr Federico Lombardi, the director of Vatican Radio, at a press conference on Friday dedicated to the website, which was launched in late spring.

“The changes to the website are not only in its graphic elements,” he continued. “But the organization of the content, too, has a more social and modern approach, which does not lose sight of the evangelical mission that is proper to our radio.”

The website features news from the Vatican and from the Church worldwide in 37 languages and 11 alphabets.

Fr Lombardi presented Vatican Radio’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows and said the live video feature is available thanks to a collaborative effort with the Centro Televisivo Vaticano (CTV).

From the website, visitors can choose to follow and interact with Vatican Radio on numerous social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, QQ et Weibo. Visitors can also link to the Vatican’s Youtube and Youku channels from the news portal.

Fr Lombardi recalled that RSS feeds and e-newsletters are available daily in several languages and that programs produced and broadcast by Vatican Radio are re-broadcast by thousands of radio stations worldwide. 

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