2014-12-03 14:39:00

Fr Lombardi SJ: statement on Wesolowoski case

(Vatican Radio) The Press Office of the Holy See released a communiqué today, relaying the statement that the Director of the Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi SJ, gave to journalists, in response to their questions regarding the case of the former Apostolic Nuncio to the Dominican Republic, Józef Wesolowoski, who stands accused of sexually abusing children while in his Dominican posting.

The release of the statement came in connection with the meeting on Wednesday, following the weekly General Audience, between Pope Francis and Attorney General Domínguez. A statement from the Attorney General says that he and the Holy Father expressed the importance of the truth prevailing, and that the judicial institutions of both states should act with full freedom and within the framework of their respective legal structures.   

Vatican Radio’s translation of the statement from Fr Lombardi SJ follows, below:

[Tuesday] morning, the Promoter of Justice [chief prosecutor] of the Court of the Vatican City State, prof. Gian Piero Milano, met with the Attorney General of the Dominican Republic, Francisco Domínguez Brito, at the request of the latter, during his trip to Europe for meetings in Poland and in the Vatican.

The encounter is situated within the context of international cooperation at the level of investigative organs for the proceedings against Abp. Józef Wesołowski and regards the investigations in course, and it was useful for both parties given the complexity of the inquest and the possibility of international letters rogatory by the Vatican to acquire further information.

Meanwhile, as regards the situation of Mons. Wesołowski, I can say that the Judiciary of the Vatican City State, continuing the investigations, has conducted an initial interrogation of the accused, to which more will follow. As the deadline for his remand into custody has expired, and in view of his health, Abp. Wesołowski was given authorization for some freedom of movement, albeit with the obligation of remaining within the confines of the [Vatican City] State and subject to appropriate restrictions on his communications with the outside.

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