2007-03-17 06:58:08

Indian government subsidises female births to stop child murder

(16 Mar. 2007) : In efforts to combat abortion and the cruel murder of new born girls, especially in the tribal areas, the government of India is planning to give insurance coverage for female children, comprising health assistance and education. In many rural and tribal areas social attitudes and practice permit both foeticide and infanticide, in order to avoid having to pay costly dowries at the time of marrying the girls. Now the government wants to take care of their costs. The move was revealed Thursday in the Lok Sabha, the Lower chamber of the Indian Parliament. Renuka Chowdhury, Minister of state for Women and Child Development explained that “"The proposal is under consideration under the 11th plan and is meant to ensure the girl child's survival and overall development”. However, the benefits will be based on fulfilment of four important conditions. They are birth and registration of the girl child, immunisation, her retention in school and delaying her age of marriage beyond 18 years”.

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