2006-10-26 14:54:11

Ambassador of Belgium to Vatican presents Letter of Credence to the Pope

(26 Oct. 2006) : The new Ambassador of Belgium to the Vatican, His Excellency Mr. Frank De Coninck presented his Letter of Credence to Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday. The Pontiff also accepted with gratitude greetings from King Albert II and Queen Fabiola, who had an audience with him in the Vatican in April this year.
In his address to the Ambassador Pope Benedict said, the Kingdom of Belgium, was built around the monarchical principle, making of the King the guarantor of the national unity and the respect of the linguistic and cultural characteristics of each community within the Nation. The unity of a country, requires on behalf of all, the will to serve the common interest for mutual enrichment through dialogue.
At the end of the audience, the Pontiff assured Belgian Ambassador, all assistance in his noble mission to the Vatican, so that harmonious relations between the Holy See and the Kingdom of Belgium be maintained.

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