2006-10-12 15:52:17

Pope Benedict XVI meets Anti-Defamation League

(Thurs.12 Oct. 2006): -“In our world today, religious, political, academic and economic leaders, are being seriously challenged to improve the level of dialogue between peoples and cultures,” Pope Benedict XVI told the delegation of the Anti-Defamation League on Thursday. Receiving the delegation in the Vatican Oct.12, the Pope noted that to meet this challenge effectively, requires a deepening of our mutual understanding and a shared dedication to building a society of ever greater justice and peace. He said, “We need to know each other better, and on the strength of that mutual discovery, to build relationships not just of tolerance but of authentic respect. Jews, Christians and Muslims share many common convictions, and there are numerous humanitarian and social engagements in which we can cooperate” he added. Pope Benedict concluded with a prayer that God bless every effort to eliminate from our world any misuse of religion as an excuse for hatred or violence.

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