2006-10-06 15:08:42

Pope convokes bishops' synod on Word of God

(Oct. 6, 2006) Pope Benedict XVI has called for an assembly of the synod of bishops in 2008 on the theme of the Word of God. The theme of XII Ordinary General assembly of the Synod of bishops to take place in the Vatican, Oct 5 - 26, is "The Word of God in the Life and the Mission of the Church.” The Synod of Bishops convoked last year, Oct. 2-23, on the theme of the Eucharist, was planned by Pope John Paul II as the closing event of the Year of the Eucharist. The 2008 synod will be the first convoked by Pope Benedict. Another special synod has been called for Africa, but the date hasn’t been set as yet. African Catholics have been asked to respond to a questionnaire by October 2008, making it unlikely the synod would be held before 2009.

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